Information for newly arrived foreign nationals


Information about Switzerland and the Canton of Zurich

This page contains a collection of the most important information about living and working in Switzerland and especially in the Canton of Zurich. This information is addressed to persons moving from abroad to the Canton of Zurich and to migrants living already here.

You can order or download a booklet with a selection of this information.



Immigration & laws on foreign nationals

Information about immigration law.

→ Migration Office of the Canton of Zurich




Education & training

Information about the educational system in the canton of Zurich.

→ Educational system




Child care in the municipalities of the canton of Zurich.

→ Child care



Home life

Information brochure on renting, buying and living in appartments and houses.

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German lessons & integration schemes

Here you will find a collection of German lessons and integration schemes offered in the Canton of Zurich.

→ Database of the Canton of Zurich ("Angebotsdatenbank")



Working life

Information on the subject of work.

→ migraweb




Health Guide to Switzerland.

→ Download



Leisure activities

Information about Things to Do in the region of Zurich.

→ Zürich. Word Class. Swiss Made



Getting around

Information about cars and other vehicles.




Social insurance

Brochure on social security in Switzerland.

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Information sheet for persons liable to withholding tax.

→ Download



History, culture & politics

Discover Switzerland

→ Go


Emergency numbers in Switzerland and first aid.

→ Emergency numbers



Personal consultation

Would you like a personal consultation? We suggest to contact your municipality of residence and your employer.

→ Office of Integration in Zurich und Winterthur

→ Contact persons in the other municipalities in the Canton of Zurich



Legal advice

MIRSAH offers legal advice on issues relating to the aliens law.